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Hanging Hints

  Hanging your artwork

Hanging your artwork properly can dramatically add to your enjoyment of the art. People are drawn to an attractive display so it is best to plan before you hang.  Here are a few suggestions.

You might want to create a theme for the grouping. For example snow scenes, boat scenes, pictures with similar color schemes, or scenes from around the same county.  This gives the display a sense of purpose.

Try to hang your artwork or grouping at eye level. While there may be the occasional rule breaking situation, like filling an awkward space, eye level is generally the way to go. People should not have to look up to see the art.

Consider the wall space as well as doors, windows and corners when placing your grouping. Try to achieve a visual balance between these elements. You may try to center the grouping on the open space, or perhaps a bit off center to offset another element. 

Balance can be achieved with pieces that are not the same size as long as they are visually the same weight. It is easy to offset the size of a large picture with a piece of furniture, a lamp, a flower arrangement, or some other decorative element. Consider furniture, fireplaces and other decorations as part of the grouping itself.
Symmetrical groupings work well for a formal setting. 

Asymmetrical groupings work well for formal or casual settings and are great for artwork of different sizes.

Irregular Groupings work well in both formal or casual settings.  These groupings are especially suited for artwork of different sizes and for including other elements such as mirrors, different media or 3 dimensional art.  In addition you don't have to be so careful about hanging the pictures in perfect alignment.

Symmetrical Groupings


Asymmetrical Groupings


Irregular Groupings

If you are having problems visualizing the grouping, try cutting paper the same size as the framed artwork and tape it up to get an idea of how the grouping will look.